Story Go Round 11/17/2007, at Orycon 29, #2

Hungry Ostriches

(post-titled by Jenn)

The man was curious about all of the ostriches that had invaded the store. They had seemingly just come in looking for chewing gum, but were finicky about the flavor.

The storekeeper looked harried, scurrying around and pointing out the new meat flavors he'd just got in and recommending each and every one as 'the tastiest of the tasty'. But the anthropomorphic ostriches strutted about behind him clucking their disapproval, nodding to each other eyeing the goods, but with particular attention on the man who was deliciously round and might not have been bright enough to catch on to their scheme.

Ostrich number one, known to many as Ollie, carefully paid for the gum then he nodded to his cohort, Oppie, and they moved into action, assuming strategic positions around the man. The man reached into his pocket, pulling out a can of Ostrich-Off, but Ollie & Oppie were prepared for this maneuver and Ollie had pecked the canister out of his hand before the guy could remove the safety and then Oppie kicked it out of reach.

Backing up and fully aware he was helpless the man turned tail and rushed toward the candy shop door. Unfortunately the two other awkwardly large companion ostriches blocked his exit and he bounced off their round bodies. He smacked down upon the ground and looked up shivering. Ostrich head surrounded his view. The man shook so hard that a bottle of medicine rolled away from his pocket. The large ostrich picked it up and said, "What the hell is this?"

Ollie read it and grimaced as best a beak could, "Never mind about this one he's tainted," and threw down the bottle. The large birds picked up their gum and hustled out. The man picked up the bottle and tossed it up like a lucky coin. A wide eyed clerk gave him a strange look. The man showed him the cancer medicine and smiled, "works every time."