Story Go Round 11/22/2008, #1

The Rabid, Origami-making Time-traveling Dust Bunny

(post-titled by John)

It was a typical day on the new, shiny and fresh smelling space station and I thought that it was high time that someone told Thomas that he simply couldn't be the slob he normally was. Not here --

No, Adrienne would not allow it. Thomas knew her well enough to know that she was running low on Pine-sol and she knew with the space madness setting in that she was in danger of demon dust bunnies, many of which were capable of time travel, not to mention origami.

"Thomas, I have something to tell you," she said to him over breakfast.

"I'm having your baby." Thomas blinked.

"Eeeeeeeeeeee!" he screeched.

"That's not very manly," she informed him.


"Look, shut up!" she snapped.

"D-d-duh-duh..." he stammered, pointing at the window.

She turned. And there --

"A DUST BUNNY!!!! IT'S A RABID, ORIGAMI MAKING TIME TRAVELING DUST BUNNY!!!!" she screamed loudly and panickfully.

The bunny laughed maniacally, and began peeling skin layers off Thomas and folding the pieces into swans.

Adrienne ran to the housekeeping closet and pulled out the Maximum Vacuumatic, scourge of dust bunnies everywhere.

Sucked up into the dust buster, the dust bunnies congealed into a giant glob that grew teeth and claws.

Though Thomas screamed "Eeeee!" over and over at the sight of it, and soon ran to the escape pods and ejected himself away in one of them. But Adrienne made little chirping sounds, fed it scraps from Thomas's freeze-dried pizza mush, and tamed it over time.

It turned out to feed on other dust bunnies, and became Adrienne's pet and best cleaning implement, and, 9 months later, formed her new, neo-modern family, and they manned, and cleaned the space station happily ever after.