Story Go Round 11/22/2008, #7

The Magical Cooking Girl

(post-titled by John)

"I can't take much more of this," Jill muttered as she watched the mass of writhing tentacles. One of them reached for her foot, drawing her towards the mass. She felt the life drain out of her, an icy chill drawing up. But then she felt the MAGICAL TRANSFORMATION coming up! "Get ready!" she shouted dramatically, waving her magical scepter and transforming into a sexy gal.

A sexy gal with a barbecue and a pallet of sauce. Jill used the power coming out of her scepter to slice the tentacles into bits that would fit on the grill.

The feast was about to begin. The young men at the ocean edge blew their conk shells to announce the coming of the great god Maui. Flipping Old One steaks with her mind, dousing each one with a spray of her special sauce, Jill summoned her people to her using her special monoject syringe.

Jill noticed that the tentacles felt pleasantly warm. She used the warmth to cook them from the inside and serve them for the feast. In this was, she gained the islanders' trust. Perhaps, but the islanders were a suspicious bunch. They brought their own sauce, wiping Jill's sauce off from the cooked bits. That didn't help because Jill had injected her sauce into the tentacles before cooking them.

Maui looked over the feasting islanders, the Magical Cooking Girl Jill, and saucily cooked bits of his brother, Hector, and decided he needed to go, he knew too much about her magical secret sauce, the one that made her millions, therefore she and the islanders, her henchmen, decided to take over the world by serving them all barbecued tentacles made with her sauce. And it worked.