Story Go Round 11/22/2008, #11

Alien Foster Brother

(post-titled by John)

Brad ran through the deep grass following traces of blood left by his alien foster brother Eric. The tiny furry child aimed his dash toward the cliffs on the horizon. He needed to reach a certain speed before he reached the edge, and became a blur of green and antennas as he jumped over the horizon, always feeling that pang of fear, afraid that he would not actually transport to a safe place. If had never happened that way before, but the fear -- of falling, of over-shooting his destination and arriving in an unknown world or landing a few leagues too short of his destination made him nearly pause to recalculate the quadrangulation. But it may already be too late. Eric, his brother, may have already disposed of the body and the furry patrol was far from catching up as their speeders were not fitted with faster than light technology, so Brad decided to sprout wings and fly far, far away; perhaps over to the planet Mars. Because Brad was a very special alien bunny rabbit. He didn't have to breathe, because he was a zombie.

And then, his communicator beeped.

"This is the Galactic Patrol" a voice chimed out. "Give yourself up or we will vaporize the planet!"

"Duuude, that's so not cool!" he complained. "Oh, well, not like I care." Then he flew away to Mars while the Galactic Patrol vaporized the planet. He lived happily ever after but nobody else did. Because everyone else was dead. Ha! Just TRY to continue this!

However, a passing space warp restored Mars and its occupants to their previous condition. The Galactic Patrol had yet to learn how to fight off alternate universes, especially those inhabited by furry people.

Brad located little alien Eric and hugged him. "Eric, buddy," Brad said, "Bob did not mean to drop the space ship on your foot." Little alien foster brother Eric snuggled against Brad's chest. "I did not mean to cause all that havoc," Eric said.

Brad patted him on the head, sighed, and tried to figure out how to keep a baby who could blow up planets and fly at the speed of light out of trouble for the next ten years, until he was old enough to gain emotional control.