Story Go Round 11/22/2008, #3

Chocolate Lifeline

(post-titled by John)

The sun beat down on my head, no shade or relief in sight. I need water but none in sight. How I got here, I don't know, but my life will be short and miserable if -- this chocolate shipment does not reach Urmont before the rattling from the engines becomes a serious clunk.

I'm a special sort of creature, you see. Chocolate is my lifeline. And not just figuratively. I have an IV drip of chocolate liqueur strapped to my hip, and yes, I would die without it.

"Can I help you?" Apparently someone was behind me. I turned around to see a hulking man, his eyes narrowed by the sun. He had a Desert Eagle in his hand.

"Chocolate!" I screamed. "Give me choooooocolate!"

Mr. Hulking Man frowned. "Uhhh... why?"

"I'll die! Without it, I mean! Give me chocolate of FACE YOUR PUNISHMEEEENT!!!!"

Mr. Hulking ran away. What a wuss! I trudged through the burning sand till I reached a hardware store. "Hey, buddy," I crooned to the counterman, "I'll trade just a little bit of this chocolate for a monkey wrench."

He had lots of wrenches, but no monkey. Darn.

She sighed sadly. The only possible alternative for a good supply of chocolate or a monkey wrench was ... a good hug from a really nice person. But the sunburnt help at the counter didn't seem the warm & fuzzy type. He was fuzzy, but that was just his face.

The sun burns the desert of its water. I'm still alive without water, without chocolate, but still alive.

It was then when I smelled the chocolate. I crawled towards the smell. And then, I saw it. A chocolate fountain.

With my last ounce of strength I reached the chocolate. Revived, I sat back on my heels and thought about tomorrow. What can I do for fun tomorrow?