Story Go Round 11/22/2008, #12

A Dark and Stormy Night

(post-titled by John)

It was a dark and stormy night. The Plagiarizer gazed out over the darkened landscape from his tower window and decided it was time to own up to his Plagiarism. He got on his Ibook and opened a new Coke, and started a blog entry. He couldn't think of a single original word, not one! He must do something original, but what?

"Four score and twenty minutes ago," he began, then attacked the delete key and started over. "once upon a time there was an elf named Bob..."

No No No.

Where would he find the words that were his? His mind was a blank and was growing blanker by the moment until suddenly his brain sludged out of his ear and walked away out of protest to this unreliable, squeamish prat. The Plagiarizer blinked. Now, what? He thought, or rather not thought. Then he remembered the bit about monkeys typing Shakespeare so he started randomly typing and he found that it was entirely untrue. Plus he got bored. And he might have been dead.

Meanwhile, his brain had met a lady brain and was not doing a very good job of impressing her. She was picky and possibly pickled. So he began humming "Over The Rainbow." She seemed to warm up to that.

Meanwhile, The Plagiarizer wandered the hallways aimlessly, waiting for his mind to return. Only when he stumbled over a mind, it was the offspring of his original brain.

"Ah, I, indeed, have been creative!" said the plagiarizer, "for I have created a new mind."