Story Go Round 11/28/2009, #2

Disco Aliens

(post-titled by John)

"And another thing," I yelled down the hatch, "Next time you want me to help you catch an alien, you'd better not tell me beforehand!"

I closed the hatch to show him and took a leisurely lunch. When I got back, fleas were hopping to the tune of Saturday Night Fever.

"Wait," thought I, "Is that the aliens??" Fearful and trepidatious I carefully approached the hatch noting the swirling mirror ball light racing across the floor. My buddy behind me smirked.

"Damn it," he declared. "Disco aliens, you know what they do? They -"

"Aw, don't go telling me that. Where's the fun in knowing what's coming?" I wagged my finger at him.

"Okay," he laughed, "It's your hernia." The only way I knew how to deal with Disco Aliens was to boogie with them, and my booty was broken. So I tucked it in tight and strutted on out to the dance floor they had erected next to the hatch and did all the hand dance moves.

Then the biggest baddest alien popped out from the back of the dance floor its teeth glistening and dripping. It hissed at the first guy, the music went dead and all the other aliens went silent.

"I think he wants to challenge you to a dance-off," my buddy said, wide-eyed.

"What makes you think that?" I asked.

"Well, I just noticed him telling his buddy he thought your boogie-oogie-oogie was weak and your shadow dancing lacked soul and his buddy commented that you didn't look anything like John Travolta, and then he bet his buddy he could make you make a fool out of yourself and his buddy said they could film it and he said yeah, we could put it up on Utube and his buddy bet him two Predator heads he couldn't do it and he said THREE and now he's coming over — so that's why..." The two aliens struck a pose and the main alien shouted, "hit it!"

Music blasted so loud they could hear it from Mars base (too bad they were all dead). Tech guy scurried for the floor and danced for his life for he knew that if he didn't he'd be lunch.

But the aliens used their secret weapon — they spit on the humans and infected us with the deadly Booty Fever. So I shook my broken booty uncontrollably until I developed a booty hernia so bad I boogied to death. And I looked so good doing it that the aliens decided to stay here for good and turn Earth into a disco paradise.