Story Go Round 09/19/2010, round 1, #2

Roget's Olfactory Thesaurus

(post-titled by Amber)

I wrote four words. It was only then that I saw that it was four four-letter nice words for poop. They were new terms I'd heard third graders try out in whispers, like "bobo" and "snikie" — okay, that was five, well, six, but whatever. Poop words got longer the longer you smelled them — everybody knew that.

Smelling words was new to me, addictive. I didn't know what else to do once that itch hit my nose, so I carried a book with me everywhere. And a clothespin, one which let me smell ones I wanted and not smell ones you wanted me to. You like "physiognomic" and I think it's rancid. Enough about you.

I love the smell of 'torpedo' and 'sphincter,' and 'deoxyribonucleic' makes me want to hurl but that's enough about me.

The assignment was eight pages long. So I wrote four really loo-ong ass words, and turned it in to Ms. Maybell Smells Smells, my first horror novel.