Story Go Round 09/19/2010, round 1, #3


"Your epidermis is showing."

She looked down and saw miles of it stretched out before her, flapping up and down like nothing she'd ever laid eyes on before. "I don't have a band-aid big enough for that cut," said Nurse Whooperwill, rolling up the flap of skin before asking for another piece of duct tape to put over her mouth.

"Wait," Lila started, but abruptly the Temperate Gerbil came on and everybody who wasn't there weren't talking about it no sooner than the nurse cried ...

She awoke a day later to chittering, nibbling, on her skin. If that was what she thought, the Temperate Gerbil seemed to be filming a cooking show. Good for him, she thought, feeding skinless and fancy cutlets to the judges, which may or may explain how she ended up as one of the award-winning dishes and her skin sold for six million on eBay and the black market and on QVC and Craigslist.

Lila didn't miss it.