From The Abyss, Summer Solstice 1999 edition, vol. 1.5

Finally the day was here, that once-a-year day she had anticipated for so long: the last day of school. The last time for three entire months she would have to endure the walk home. While her friends were consumed by thoughts of what they’d be doing with their summer vacations, all she could think of was surviving the beast this last time. It wasn’t the claws. It wasn’t the jumping. It wasn’t the growling. It wasn’t the barking. It wasn’t the smell. Her best friend’s Dalmation had all that and was completely lovable. No, it was the thought of that pink undulating dripping oral extrusion coming anywhere near her that brought her heartbeat to a fevered pitch while simultaneously bringing her muscles to a sudden halt. Okay, so she was allergic to saliva, but this went way beyond that. There was something about the sensation of being covered in slime from something’s mouth that simply overpowered her rational faculties. She had Perileikhophobia, the fear of being licked all over.

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