(frook-TILL-oh-kwint) An adjective, characterizing illogical, senseless, or eccentric speech or manner of expression. Derived from the Latin words fructus, meaning “fruit,” and loquor, meaning “to speak,” and patterned after ‘qrandiloquent.’

Fructiloquence can be thought of as ‘fruity speaking.’ Fructiloquent utterances are not necessarily devoid of all meaningfulness; rather, the hallmark of fructiloquence is a lack of logical presentation that would render the ideas comprehensible. The example below, from Time Cube, far surpasses any verbiage I could devise to exemplify the sense of this word; I trust it will suffice.

“Man evolves from teenager –
in cube metamorphosis
but ignores teenager to worship a male mother,
guised in woman’s garb,
churchman called father.
Adult god is adult crime
upon their own children.”

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